Heart tugging at every corner. Highly recommend. Not the ending I was hoping for but it's a great book nonetheless.

Very good story line and flow.Every girls' dream is for a knight in shining armor (which is a good book, by the way)I would recommend it to anyone with romance in mind.

It was a great book that I will keep many years. It described MY schnauzer to a tea! It was very well written and has all the information needed to raise a puppy into an elderly dog.

A great book well worth reading. Cornwell once again delivers a well written story covering only a few days of time, which is a nice change.

Good book thus far, she is still working through it, worth the money spent, would recommend, overall she is impressed

Another great book from this author. Read all of her books and enjoyed every single one so buy it!! .

Best book i have read in a long time, all the twists in the story are unexpected and very well blended. for someone to mix all the classic tales in to one and have it work so well is amazing. I hope the next one comes out soon i dont want to wait to long to find out what happens :)

A great book if you are a marathon runner (I am) but also a good read for most anyone. Bill continues to inspire and entertain.

This is a beautiful book! Very informational as to what spice or herb is best for what meat or vegetable, plus soooo much more.

Really good book. Ending was a little messed up but other then that perfect. I hope she keeps writing story's like this.

I fell in love with Griff, Sam, Ev and Hunter what great books I just hope one comes out about Meg soon!!!

This was a really good book and I enjoyed it. Having had eating disorders for years, it helps me stay on track.

it's a good book for teen agers who believe in is a good book for a girl who faces problems as it reflects the main character.

Amidst the roller coaster ride of the NICU, Kenna's journey and Nicki's documentation of her journey are amazing to read. I am inspired every day by the faith she held onto for her precious Kenna. What a fantastic book!

I really enjoyed the suspense in The Ultra Secret. I'm expecting more great stories from this author! I'm planning on checking out the next book in this series.

Revolutions: To Green the Environment, to Grow the Human Heart started slowly for me but my interest was fueled by the reviews I read. By the end I couldn't wait to read part three.I didn't find the writing particularly rich -- more like reporting, but the story develops to an intense climax. The issues are true to life and compelling, raising questions we all encounter in relationships. I would recommend this highly.

What can I say??? Democracy and Human Rights captured the very essence of suspense. It usually takes me awhile into Democracy and Human Rights to get into the groove, but Democracy and Human Rights was riveting from the beginning. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.

Scheidungsursachen und Scheidungsbedingungen: Eine retrospektive Studie zur Erfassung subjektiver Gründe für Ehescheidungen (German Edition) started with a good concept and then quickly went south. The chemistry waned and the ending felt very confusing and rushed.

I loved Vater`s Gedichte (German Edition)! The author helps to make sense of modern day parenting. With candid humor and beautifully written prose, Waldman explores the judgment and expectations that interlace the tough job of parenting. So insightful!

Watched the movie, then bought Strategische Stakeholder-Ansprache: Eine Fallstudie zur BtB-Kundenkommunikation auf Messen (German Edition) to read. Both were really good. What a great view of Heaven! This little boy's story can be a blessing to many who believe in Heaven.

Biochemische Untersuchungen zur 1.8-Cineolsynthase aus N. suaveolens: Ein florales Multiproduktenzym näher betrachtet (German Edition) is one of those books, you can't put down, form the beginning to the end, I wanted to read... I enjoyed Biochemische Untersuchungen zur 1.8-Cineolsynthase aus N. suaveolens: Ein florales Multiproduktenzym näher betrachtet (German Edition), and I couldn't wait to read the next one. Great reading, I think, everyone would like Biochemische Untersuchungen zur 1.8-Cineolsynthase aus N. suaveolens: Ein florales Multiproduktenzym näher betrachtet (German Edition)..

If you love the history of warriors and can take colorful language, Dynamical Oceanography is for you. A perfect melding of historical tales of bravery and awesomeness written in the way you would talk about it with buddies over beers. Enjoy.

I loved the unexpected twists in Kairos und Seelenheil: Textspiele der Entzeitlichung in Francesco Petrarcas 'Canzoniere' (Text und Kontext). The love between Meshack and Lanore is as heart-breaking as the relationship between Lanore and Zulu is complicated. It was really enjoyable to learn more about the other characters and their past histories. Also, the relationship between father and daughter was more developed here and I have to say Graham intrigues me. He is one crazy dude!

This maybe Il etait douze fois Liege (French Edition) for young adults but at 64 it. Still kept my mind and body glued until the fins paragraph. I can hardly wait till payday to purchase the new ones.

Cochinchine Francaise. Service Postal Des Correspondances Fluviales Et Maritimes Dans L'Interieur (Sciences Sociales) (French Edition) was a lovely little modern fairy tale. The conflicts were believable and the resolutions satisfying. It's as if Cinderella's story continued and she was a red-headed witch!

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