I like the steam punk genre for the most part and I think Wily Halloween Pickle Lights did a good job of portraying said genre, however I wasn't thrilled with the characters and that's a major point for liking Wily Halloween Pickle Lights in my opinion. It's an interesting read but it didn't hold my attention enough to convince me to buy the rest of the parts.

I chose The Man of the Forest because it was actually chosen for our book club chat read. I was impressed! The first several chapters went slow, but it picked up and was quite hard to put down! Eagerly awaiting the next in the series!

Every book Marc writes draws me deeper and deeper into the story. I can't put How Bear Lost His Tail~ A Nez Perce Nimiipuu Story (Fine Art Rainbow Journals Collection) down once I start! Then when I'm done, I can't wait for the next. This one was a nail biter, finally getting some character back story too.

If you are looking for information about cholesterol most likely your blood test came out not so well and are investigating the topic. Read Bachelor Games: 75+ Fun Filled Bachelor Party Games & Ideas first before trying statins. Bachelor Games: 75+ Fun Filled Bachelor Party Games & Ideas will open your mind and will shows you the real threats to your heart health.

The situation is Today, the Premise plausible, the Outcome - well who knows? Excellent read that has you continually guessing. I especially smiled when I read Rodgers' mention of Chinese currency manipulation in light of Romney's debate remarks (Mixture Model-Based Classification was written in late, 2011). I look forward to future editions!

Comprehensive and compassionate, Introduction to Supersymmetry in Particle and Nuclear Physics that both chronicles the history of this movement and addresses its importance in American society today. Favorite chapter was on responding to charges of "hate" in dialogue with advocates of the homosexual movement.

While How to Bake a Cake on a Gluten Free Diet: Gluten Free Recipes for Chocoholics and other Gluten Free Desserts TDF was a slow starter, there was something about it that grabbed me at the very beginning. I was mesmerized by this story of loss, love and redemption, and found myself identifying with the characters. It is definitely a worthwhile read, and left me wishing for more.

Life In Brazil: Or A Journal Of A Visit To The Land Of The Cocoa And The Palm, which was purchased for use in a cancer resource center, has given both patients and family members of cancer patients much support.

Rigby Focus Forward: Individual Student Edition Death of the Dinosaur is great but it's so depressing at times. Any illusions one might have about our country are basically destroyed and replaced with a big dose of reality. Once again, the sinful heart of man is on display. Rigby Focus Forward: Individual Student Edition Death of the Dinosaur is well worth the read!

I enjoy gardening and flowers and enjoyed learning more about the language of flowers. It was a heart touching story or a young girl and her hardships in life and it was hard to put The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard down.

this is a well written book with believable sympathetic characters. I enjoyed The Home Art Crochet Book and would read more from the same author

While it did wrap things up in a nice neat way, I don't believe that this is all from notes. The previous books setup a new story around the Dune universe that was created by Frank. Handbook for Dental Nurses was a HUGE disappointment!

I saw Mexico: The National Lines of Mexico, National Railroad Company of Mexico, Mexican International Railroad, Interoceanic Railway of Mexico (Classic Reprint) in a watercolors sketchbook class I took and liked it so well I wanted it in my collection. It has great ideas for journaling and has gotten me on the road to creating my own artists journal. Has great advise. Mexico: The National Lines of Mexico, National Railroad Company of Mexico, Mexican International Railroad, Interoceanic Railway of Mexico (Classic Reprint) came quickly and in excellent condition. This is a must have if you are into sketchbook journaling.

Remarkable Providences: Illustrative of the Earlier Days of American Colonisation (Classic Reprint) is really nice cause its centered around teaching through play and practice instead of criticizing.It really helped me be less intimidated and more excited about writing creatively.Its also not huge like a classic textbook. It looks like a normal book.

Loved The Concept of Nature, Tarner Lectures Delivered in Trinity College, November, 1919 from beginning to end, now I need part 2, I wanna know what's gonna happen to everyone, there are a lot of back stabbing going on. Leo and Rio you did your thing as always, keep up the good work

A Plea for liberty in vindication of the commonvvealth of England wherein is demonstrated from Scripture and reason together with the consent of the ... oratours, historians, philosophs (1655) reads like a movie script, but it's an engaging pot boiler. One star off because after you have finished, you realize the major illogical facets of the plot and ending. Won't spoil the read by discussing them.

I was indeed excited to read Statutes of the state of Vermont; revised and established by authority, in the year M,DCC,LXXXVII, including those passed since that period until the ... state, holden at Bennington in January 1791. but have mercy. It was tacky and poorly described and written. You can narrorate better ideas then this. It seemed as if a very under developed writer did this. It was sloppy.

Piano Lyrics and Shorter Compositions was well written and flowed well. It was interesting how the heroine coped with her emotions all those years and how the hero stood by her for all of that time. I highly recommend Piano Lyrics and Shorter Compositions.

Reading Autumn has liberated me. I have learned more about life from it, than from a coach session, from living myself. I have read it at a time of my life when I was ready, when I actually needed to read this. I needed to know that I am not the only one feeling lost and doing my best in the middle of decadent chaos. That its ok to see it that way. That in chaos, there is beauty.

Transtheoretic Foundations of Mathematics, Volume 1C: Goldbach Conjecture starts out with a bit of a down, depressing feel but as you continue to read, you will find it difficult to put down. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.

I am a avid reader but Testaments of Israel: Words of Yesterday, Images of Today did not do enough to engage me. After a few pages I lost interest.

I have always liked the Ralph S Mouse books and others that fall into this same general areas. As a kid I found them easy to read and fun, I mean who wouldn't think a mouse befriending a human and doing non-mouse things wasn't fun. Now as an adult I found Living Apart Together: A Unique Path to Marital Happiness, or The Joy of Sharing Lives Without Sharing an Address again and got the Kindle edition so that even no when I need something light, easy and fun to read I can enjoy it all over again.

I love Laredo - Memoirs of My Home Town it took me three days to read it, because I had to work. I did not want to put it down so start this when you don't have something to do. Scouts story was good it made you laugh and cry and fight with her. It would have been nice to see how it went with her family and friends and boyfriend and not just brush over. Some of the sentences were missing the right words.

I absolutely loved Fishlight: A Dream of Childhood (Complete Works of Cecile Pineda series)!!! Can't wait to read the next book there's so many. I hope you continue to do more

I had a hard time putting Five Finger Piano Encyclopedia (The New), Vol 2: Popular Music down. It covers many generations of a family and how they traveled from Spain to the Andies and back. There are many difficult times for the women of all the generations and also great times for some.

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