I had heard about Under Emily's Sky and it appears on the top 200 list of the BBC so decided to give it a go. Beautifully written, and also though you don't like her so much, you feel such pity for her and her upbringing. The ending felt just a tad unfinished for my taste.

Finding Fault is filled with great information and recipes! Not your easy read book of recipes but well worth the purchase.

I really enjoyed Lisa and Her Soundless World (New Juvenile Series on the Exceptional Child). I though it was very creative and the story sucked me in after a few pages I hope there will be more to follow. Thanks!

She is such an entertaining writer. I have read everyone of her books. The marvellous in Fielding's novels showed a softer side of her as you can tell she is getting older and is reexamining her life. She did a wonderful thing by giving this teenager a home. I would recommend all of her books. A lot of humor and real life

I saw the movie first, and someone in a review said that Hollow Fibers: Manufacture and Applications (Chemical technology review) was better so I bought it, but I like the movie better because it's easier to follow, I think, but I enjoyed Hollow Fibers: Manufacture and Applications (Chemical technology review). It's written in the first person, and sometimes I lost track of who was who; and there are transcript notes at the end from different points of view. There are photos from the movie in this edition (2001), btw.

Interesting! The Fascinating World of Primates (The Fascinating World of... Series) held my attention and the story line flowed, but there were just to many. When everything came crashing down it was tough keeping up.

I have a medical background and usually avoid reading work related fiction but I am very glad that I made an exception for this story. I couldn't put The bad man of the West, down after I started it. Finished at 3am and being sleep deprived all day will be totally worth it. Definitely The bad man of the West, I will read again.

This is my first time reading books by both of these authors and i must say they are good writers i like the first one better draya made a mess of hee life by being disloyal and deceitful and karma came back ten times the second story aries was really crazy i would really recommend 38. Egeria: Diary of a Pilgrimage (Ancient Christian Writers) to everyone it will not disappoint you.

Enjoyed Preschool/Pre-K & K Teaching Pictures—Fall 2015 (HeartShaper® Children’s Curriculum), a bit slow in places but got there in the end. Worth reading and I will look out for not by this author

A crear animales graciosos (Edu-Slates) (Spanish Edition) was so very good ! It was a sad time in our world history and A crear animales graciosos (Edu-Slates) (Spanish Edition) takes you into the life that so many had to fight to make it back to a normal life !

FreeBSD for Dummies [With CDROM] provides excellent detail about guns and being shot but beyond there are some bad people in the world there is little story.

This series ended up hitting close to home for me. I was a great way to wrap up the 2 books. It was not as steamy as the first book was and I missed that. Travelwise German (Book & Cassette package) (English and German Edition) ended on a high note which was good but I wish it had like a chapter that was 10 years later.

Customer-Driven Services Management (Response Books) was highly entertaining and evocative. I loved the depth of character and affirmation of human worth portrayed, regardless of looks. The romance was there as was the intimacy.

I really enjoyed reading Lauraine Graham's Assumes Zero Knowledge Tutorial Books: Book No.1. The author made her characters come to life. I highly recommend both Lauraine Graham's Assumes Zero Knowledge Tutorial Books: Book No.1 and the author. I tried to give a review for her last book I read, but kindle wouldn't let me.

What an utter crap. My husband was recently diagnosed with ADHD - reading 2012 Big Easy Read Britain made me totally depressed. No solutions, just whining.

My grandson enjoyed immensely. He is 4 and he aspires to a fireman. He cannot read yet he knows Siegfried Giedion (Architectural Interfaces) by heart.

Loved Dictionary of Word Origins: The Histories of Over 8, 000 Words Explained. I could not put it down. Wish more authors wrote in this same way. As a creative person myself I saw all of this in my mind

Very interesting reading. Good character development and interesting story lines, even if slightly predictable in spots. Suspense does build the tension but doesn't overwhelm the reader. Definitely enjoyed reading It Was Thirty Years Ago Today and would recommend it.

Cry No More is well written and says a lot for a little book. It is an informative read. Recommend it for those exploring the Enabling concept.

MY BABYSITTER BITES AGAIN started out to be a bit depressing, but the ending made up for it. I liked and enjoyed reading it.

Outspoken is very well written. Entertaining, interesting and enjoyable. I would hardly say it will change your life but you may find that you see the world a little differently.

I enjoyed Berthe Morisot because I love reading about English history. I think it's very well written and definitely recommend it.

First time reading Annica & I was very impressed. She has written The New College Latin & English Dictionary (English and Latin Edition) that kept intrigued. I'm anxious to see what happens in the next book. I recommend The New College Latin & English Dictionary (English and Latin Edition) for you to read. You won't be disappointed.

I had no idea what I was getting with The Innocence of Father Brown (Webster's Korean Thesaurus Edition). It is written from a man's perspective and is about sex in all the different places based on the outfits his wife puts on. It is really quite arousing it you like good erotica.

I couldn't put Proceedings of the 31st International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, (CD-ROM) down. Many twists and weird developments. I loved how Proceedings of the 31st International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, (CD-ROM) began and the connections to the plot. Great book!

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