I loved La Pogonotomie: Ou Lart Dapprendre ASE Raser Soi-Meme (1770) (French Edition). I downloaded it for free and after I finished La Pogonotomie: Ou Lart Dapprendre ASE Raser Soi-Meme (1770) (French Edition) I had to download the second book.

Not a great read for me. Approved Schoolboy: A True Story (Approved Schooboy) (Volume 1) lacked continuity. I couldn't keep up with all the cast of characters and time frames. I guess I just didn't get it.

A lot of Integrity 174 Success Secrets: 174 Most Asked Questions On Integrity - What You Need To Know is about Florence and they seem to run through all the tourist areas which are described in great detail. The story is almost secondary.

I purchased Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns of the Soviet Union (New Vanguard) for my husband who only likes to read true WWI & WWII books. He couldn't put it down until he had finished it.

Not as pervy as my title makes it sound. However this is a devour in one night kind of book. One of the best books with no antagonist to defeat except those within yourself.

T his was a very good book!!! From beginning to end kept u on your seat. I can't wait till next book

This was probably one of the beat books I've ever read. It actually helped me with my walk along with Christ. I especially loved the part when zach told Joanna about him getting into college. Well, all in all, this was a great book. I definitely suggest to EVERYONE.

Wow !!! Yet again another great book !!! This author is a really great writer !! Great story line n great twist n turns

What a good book! My heart broke for Caleb and Maggie. I loved all the secondary characters just as much as I loved Caleb and Maggie.

Very good, was wondering how it would end, would read another book by this author Good book for the price of it as well. Would recommend

What I say it was very good book; I had trouble putting down this one;at times it had me on edge wondering if Elise was ever going to be happy.

That was the best book ever. I would read it eighty more times. It had a lot of good lessons.

I love these kind of books. They are filled with really good photos or illustrations. There is a wealth of information. It's fun to pick it up and just randomly flip the pages and learn new things. It's a really good book to have in your shelf.

Wonderful book! Ready for part 4!

This is one of the best books I've ever read. I couldn't put it down and stayed up till 5 AM to finish it. LOVED it and plan to reread it!

This is a touching book about 2 sisters in a difficult time period in our history. There is great sadness over Lynn's illness and death but there is joy in the relationship the 2 girls have and the determination of Katie to carry on the way her sister would have wanted her to.

Really got into this one. Just could not put it down. Parts are sad, well I thought so. Especially the part about the two buddies and their girls. One of my favorite books about the Pacific. I think it is one of those books that after reading it you feel emotionally exposed or drained or something.

Great book!! If you like this writer, you will love this series! Fast moving and interesting! Wish there were more books in this series!!

Did you know that tousle-haired Canadian teenage heart throb started to learn guitar right handed even though he's left-handed? Neither did I until I read this great book that I really bought for my teenage daughter. Is there no end to the young man's talents? He's even the second/first highests Twitter follower thingy or something as well. Awesome!!

Good book. Easier to read than the first one. I hope Kevin never has to live with either one of his biological parents again.

Favorite book for teaching older kids and adults to learn how to crochet. I love that each new stitch can be learned creating a new project.

What a good book! Highlanders and history! What a yummy combination! Add the mystery and a bit of suspence and it is a winning combination!

Book 3 was just as adventurous as the other two! I absolutely couldn't put any of these books down and especially this one! Sometimes books in a series are not as good as the first one but this is an equal to the others. This gives me an insight to the plights of some people that are not as fortunate as myself. I could just picture the streets and the houses mentioned. Wonderful book!!!!

Great, Good reading as all your books are, now to find another great book,keep up the good stories. Love it

Good book. Once again, Mr. O has outdone himself. There is much we didn't know or have forgotten about JFK.

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