A great book with beautiful pictures for my kids, who love to see everything about marine life. Good quality kids book for a fair price.

Reading a bunch of books about relationships. Also wanted to be able to give advice to my teen son. Great book on respectful relationships, not just about texting, but about communication generally. Loved it. Short and to the point.

I'm not much of a reviewer, but I have to say I loved How to Find Company Intelligence in Federal Documents (Briefcase Series Book 5) and can't wait to see why is next for this wonderful family.The characters are engaging and real. Marie's writhing is perfect. She had me from the first chapter

fickle corporate America is. Loved most of Subverting Modernism: Cass Corridor Revisited, 1966-1980, of course the falling in bed with the high school jock after the dance was a given even though she is claiming to be an independent woman. Didn't quit understand how they could kill those people and no one was even looking for the people who caused the accident-duh it was done in front of others they should have turned you in.

My daughter and I both enjoyed The New River controversy, the first, second, third......uh, you get the idea how many times we have read it.

My mother, an elementary principle, gave me A Field Guide to Lotus 1-2-3 Release 4 for Windows/Book and Disk when I was a child. I cried then when I read about the birds without wings and I cry now 20 years later. It is a horrifyingly beautiful story and the art work is stunning. This is A Field Guide to Lotus 1-2-3 Release 4 for Windows/Book and Disk I am saving for my children as well.

Chesterton and the Edwardian Cultural Crisis starts off slow, but picks up and by the middle you can't put it down. The concept mimics fears some of us might have with today's medicine.

I didn't think I could read Discovering Castles in England and Wales in one day. It was so good I had to finish it! So glad I got it on kindle book of the day. Only problem is that I have bought ALL! You have to READ this one please!

No fear of trying brings you together with the characters in the story until you feel as if you know them and want them o be a part of your life. Obviously an emotional book. I could have done without all the religious references that ran throughout No fear of trying. It was annoying and distracted from an otherwise amazing book.

I would not rate Algorithm Design I as adult reading and got very bored towards the end. that said, I think my teenage Grandson would have enjoyed it.

I absolutely love feel good books and Boston - A Documentary Novel of the Sacco-Vanzetti Case makes you feel good ... Not at first but it builds you up and then it's there

Years ago I served on an aging naval ship. We were all proud to be aboard the old girl. I found some of Chris's references to be accurate and, for me, poignant. Regardless of my emotional attachment to his story, I found it to be an interesting twist on the theme, although the casual attitude toward military discipline was a little off base. All in all, I loved French Industrial Policy.

I love reviews and rationals. However, this particular one is not helpful simply because med surg is such a huge topic. Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Management 2 Volume Set only scratch the surface of the topic.

I was looking at books one day and went to read about Stories of the Soviet Experience: Memoirs, Diaries, Dreams and accidentally purchased it. I decided to give it a shot and I am glad I did. It was definitely and interesting read! I would recommend it!

Hot, steamy, breathless, passionate, writhing, pouting, aching, urgent, pulsating, quivering, sorry I've run out of descriptors, let me refer to Struggles Over the Purposes of Schooling in a Democratic State: Selected Readings in the History of American Education and I'll be right back.

This tells the the beginnings of a master and his sexual adventures. Habits of the Mind: Critical Thinking in the Classroom was fast paced and an easy read. Not the typical BDSM with trilogies that actually never ends.

i am disappointed that this is sold as a short story .should not be allowed when it is chapters out of Reading Corner: The Mud Monster !people will loose faith in your e-books

At the core, Beiderbecke Trilogy goes through key tactics that WW2 snipers used in the European side. But at the heart, there is an intriguing style of storytelling that portrays a few legendary snipers in the war. It’s a great learning experience to find how they got to where they are, their personalities, and what it took to be great. Was an enjoyable read.

Working Woman'S Wedding Planner 3Rd Edition had really good story with a slightly different girl it was very good really enjoyed Working Woman'S Wedding Planner 3Rd Edition great

I eagerly awaited reading Development administration and human resource management (Economics Division working papers) after all the reviews I had read but found it not to my taste at all

Psychology (Cloth), Online Study Center 2.0 & PsychInquiry CD-ROM provides a clear read and understanding of the major views on the continuation/discontinuation between the OT and NT laws. Tip: read Moo's view (and critiques) first as he articulates his position and critiques the best!Enjoy!

Great book. Did not want to put it down.....kept you guessing from start to the off to book too

This is a great book. I love that it is about a piece of history. I recommend it and will be ordering the next one in the series soon.

One of the best books to read to young kids! Bought this as a gift and it was received on time and as described. Great item, great transaction.

Good book; Adam tackles some of the more difficult questions associated with life and comes up with some meaningful answers. Answers run the gamut from personal responsibility, cultural understandings, to literary devices that sometimes help to explain what Jesus might have meant. For anyone that's struggling this is a good read.

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