I have to buy another copy of this because my 6 year old LOVES it and his 4 year old brother ripped the original we have. It's been his favorite book since he was 3:):)

A great book showing strength and character of the main character. A spoiilt dog but a faithful friend. Good reading.

This was a wonderful book about middle schoolers accepting someone who does not look like them. A heartwarming book. I am going to try to get my 3rd grader to read it.

Have already started working out some of the techniques. Most of what I need to complete the processes are in my kitchen. The illustrations and explanation are straight foreward and user friendly. A great book for someone who is looking to increase their fabric dying skills.

Wonderful book. I think it will help me with my drawing. Now after looking at the enire book I am interested in drawing pictures as well as painting them. I think I can learn this. The pictures are wonderful;with so much detail, which I like. I am inspired to learn to draw now as well as paint pictures. Arrive on time and in great condition. Very satisfied.

Fantastic book. The author does a great job of explaining tremendously complex financial structures and of disentangling the web of events that culminated in Ackman's vindication. Hard to put down.

Great book and interesting information provided by this author. Enjoyed this reading experience. I would recommend it to anybody with questions regarding the historical Jesus and the god-man myths of ancient religions.

This is a great book for any knitter. Thanks for the speed in which you shipped to me.It has many hints and ideas for different knitting stitches. Any knitter would love it.

Couldn't put this one down. I simple fell in love with this story, the characters, and Edenbrooke itself! I highly recommend spending a weekend entranced by this great book!

I thought this would be a good book to add to my collection. I was not expecting it to be so moving and well done. I have recommended it to others and is a very good addition to a YA library.

This is a very good book. Buy it and enjoy.

Great book, easy to followThis was new to me to mix batik fabrics with traditional quilting fabric. I made the cover quilt first. It looks fabulous. Now I am on a roll. Can't wait to make more.

What a great book. CJ is right up there with Patterson and Cornwall. Her book is suspenseful and full of interesting characters. Would make a great movie. I am looking forward to reading more of her works.

A very good book that may be too graphic for some readers. Realistic attitudes set in the near future provides a scary sceneario of what we all may face.

it was a good book and interesting and makes you think about things so read it and let me know what you think

A wonderful book. I looked it over and gave it as a gift to a 2 year old boy. I hope his Mom reads the storys to him, but if not he will be able to soon enough.I am going to buy another copy for a little girl.

This was a good book....very different kind of mystery. I'd recommend it but it can be graphic in some places so if you have a weak stomach you might want to think hard about reading it.

Great book. Left me wanting more. Esp liked Bowie lol. Looking forward to this series. #2 is out Can not wait to read it.

Great book, had me crying a lot at first. but this story is great and can't wait to start the next one

A great book for all Disney fans and readers who enjoy a good adventurous thrill with cliff hangers that keep you reading.

nice book, great recipes, and there are a lot that I have tried and will try more reciped, because they are excellent

This is a bit different from other zombie books. There are the usual slow ones and some runners. What makes it different is that the bitten change into muscle bound rage monsters. While this not the best book I have ever read it certainly isn't the worst. It's a good first book.

Very well written and filled with interesting facts about how the Nazi spies operated in the US during the war. It's a real page turner with a shocking resolution of the spies identity A good book!.

A really good book. The author does a great job with timing so the entire story is believable. I really liked it.

This was a great book for me and I think every kid should read it. It was adventurous and nice.

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