Great book. This really is foundation level work on the art of improvisational theater of all types. It's one of the three top books ever published on improv.

Where do I start?? There were many twists and turns in this story and it kept me on the edge of my seat!! There was a great unexpected ending. The things that women do for the power, fame, and money!! Great book!!

A very good bookAtmospheric, reflects the current environment in Egypt.Plus good characters and plot, will read more of this author's work

heart of change is a good book at a good price it brings a fresh understanding of what it takes to change from attitude to action

What a great read!!! First I would just like to say that I cannot WAIT for Findley's Lass!! I really enjoyed reading Laiden's Daughter, every minute of it!! I felt drawn to the characters and was moved to tears a few times!! I feel this is a great book for a cozy day in front of a fire. The plot goes along nicely and keeps you interested throughout the whole book!!

fun little romance. very easy to read. characters were interesting and a good story line. nice book full of fluff.

This was a good book to download. It is a lot of common sense information, but helped me weed out non-essential gear in my bag. I really appreciated it.

This is a great book for any Avatar fan. Best price on the internet and fast shipping. My daughter couldn't wait to get it. She loved it.

The depth of love, faith, family and history was felt through this entire story. Deeply touching! Such a great book, it made me cry.

This is really a nice book about fort living as a new bride. Just how much it takes to convince someone you do care about them. Even caring to much

Ok now time for part 2 book was off the hookOverall good book would read again and again lol

Not a bad read. It's a very easy book to read but not the best writing style I have read. Great book for young teens.

My favorite book so far. What a wonderful find this series was. I am addicted already. Will be sad to finish the series.

Best book ever!!! This writer is my new favorite. I felt like I new what the characters were feeling with such incredible clarity. Such a great story!!!!

waiting for the second one so I can continue where it left me off......hanging for more. Good read, good book I liked the characters and it had me turning the pages......

I've recently started reading books of this genre, and a m intrigued by the imagination it takes to write. This was a good book! On to the next one.......

Another great book by Herman. His books are actually much better than Clancey's. What is the next book in line.

This was the best book ever i can not wait until the second book comes i am so exited to read it. cant wait

It was a good read, nice story. Needed some more editing, but was still readable. Still a good book though.

fantastic story....couldnt put it down...written briliantly.... superb character book ive read in a long time

Such a great book about recovery from loss and learning to trust and love again even when the odds seem impossible.Wonderful characters, an engaging story, and outstanding writing. 4 Solid stars

I love the full color photos are great. I hate trying to learn what plant are good for you using black and white photos. especially when the two plants look alike and only color seperates the two. Really easy to understand. A great book for the beginner.

This was a good book to read. I could not put it down once I started to read it. Awesome!!

This was just a great book. it gave you a later on in life look at everyone and i love when i writer does that to a series. you are always left wondering what happened later on and this one fills you in.

Best book ever i Loved it. The suspence was great. A really wonderful book. Sophie's secret(whispers) was so amazing couldnt have been better

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