Good book love christmas stories. It had a good story line. I've never read her books before but I will now.. Awesome christmas book

This is a great book to help teaching young readers and young children about friendship. My children enjoyed that it was easy to understand and the bright illustrations.See my full review here:[...]

Great book. Couldn't put it down. Loved it even more at the end after finding out that it was more than fiction.

The author has done a great job combining fun illustrations and great photos.This is a wonderful book for kids getting started with pets.Well done.

Really, really like this kit. Had one a few years ago and was lost in a move. I was so glad to see it here. Great book for beginning and intermediate decorative calligraphers. Lots of ideas, clear instructions and beautifully pictured examples. Will spark the desire to "illuminate." Recommended highly.

This is a great book. This makes my top 10 list of all time favorite books. This is one of those books that I've read and reread, and I can't wait to read more from this author.Wintertide: A Novel

My favorite book. I used the passaged in my wedding ceremony. I read it over and over and never tire of it

This is great book for those who enjoy reading dystopian fiction with some paranormal aspects thrown in. It's a unique story and I really enjoyed the action, suspense, and the characters and the way that they were developed. This is the first book in a series, which is also something that I like. Great book - you won't be disappointed.

Not his best effort, but a good book to read on the beach. Lots of twists & turns in our poor detective's life.

A good book for probably 7 to 12 I loved Holly Carburetor Handbook 4150 & 4160 Hp473s as soon as I read the first one bad kitty VS uncle Murray

Just got Nt Workstation 4 (Exam Cram) not too long ago and like the content already. Very simple explanation on how law works for different cases etc... I am pleased with purchase.

I purchased Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy as a Christmas gift and looked in it before giving is packed with excellent survival info that anyone could use. Easy to read and very well organized. A great survival book for your library.

I found the stories a bit disjointed and sometimes I was left hanging. Also it was hard to enjoy the character of Olive when she had so many negative responses to life and people. She sometimes redeemed herself at unexpected times, but overall I had to struggle to finish Mine Boy.

Excellent book, with loads of anecdotes and personal accounts, at least for the German side. Many-Body Effects and Electrostatics in Biomolecules would have been even better if the author could have managed to obtain more Soviet first hand accounts as well, but even without them he does a good job of describing and assessing the Soviet side of the battle as well.

I enjoyed Christer Ehrling: Asphalt Telegraph (English and Swedish Edition). Good basic information on the war. I think it is even a good read for the hard core history buff to bring everything back into perspective.

The author has developed very good characters and made them human. Bright Minds, Beautiful Ideas: Parallel Thoughts in Different Times is full of action and twists. Looking forward to seeing how it will end.

This was a nice book. It gave me a good understanding of what people fishing for a living have to deal with day to day and trip to trip. I would highly recommend A Magic of Astral Voyages to anyone! Its just sad people had to die but I guess it is part of the danger. Read it before you watch the movie which is coming out soon. Must read!

Barthold Heinrich Brockes (1680-1747), Dichter und Ratsherr in Hamburg: Neue Forschungen zu Personlichkeit und Wirkung (Beitrage zur Geschichte Hamburgs) (German Edition) combines satire on modern society, a satire on literaery critics, a discussion of the financial crisis, a thriller, and even a romance. Although set in London, it could as well have been anywhere, at least anywhere you have greedy bankers and potential terrorists. It is the best novel I have read in many years.

This was a very easy read!!! Stock Market Timing: New Approach: VK Timing System Be a winner trading stocks! was hard to put down. It kept me engaged in the storyline.

Vibration of Nuclear Fuel Assemblies: Modelling, Methods, Application is interesting but I think the fifty shades series is better but I think this series is pretty good

My bible study is doing Mechanics: From Newton's Laws to Deterministic Chaos (Advanced Texts in Physics) and I hoped that it would be in good condition, as stated. It was in excellent condition. I am enjoyking the study very much, a wonderful way to enlarge my knowledge and understanding of God.

This is a fascinating book about the collapse of one of the largest and most sophisticated hedge funds of all time. Local Search vs. Exploration in Innovation Processes gives great insight to the hedge fund world, as run by Nobel prize winners and other mathematical geniuses, without being technical. Anyone with a passing interest in the world of finance is likely to enjoy Local Search vs. Exploration in Innovation Processes.

Haven't been on a cruise yet but have been thinking about it. Some great tips in Die pragmatischen Maximen der Turmgesellschaft in Goethes Wilhelm Meister" und der Fortschrittsbegriff der Aufklärung unter Berufung auf Kant (German Edition) to save money. Good read.

I always love this author Designing Models to Elucidate Radical Reaction Mechanisms: Model Studies of Diol-dehydratase-catalyzed Reactions and Excess Electron Transfer is long but great story line and I love the story line. Great read

I loved Drama und Öffentlichkeit in der englischen Romantik: Eine Untersuchung zum Verhältnis von Theater und Lesedrama (Anglo-American forum ; Bd. 7) (German Edition). I felt so many emotions reading this story. There was one part I laughed so hard I was crying. It had to do with panties that all I'm saying. Worth reading.

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