I really like the first book. This one I like too but now quite as much as the first book. It is still a very good book, far better that many books out there in my opinion.

Green up your little speck of the world! Lots of good info to help you get going in the right direction. I would have given it a 5 but the guys said they'd kick me out of the men's club! Tough club, good book.

There were some unexpected twists. It was a good book.Not sure if I'd rush out and buy another, but maybe.

From the first page the story sucked me in and wouldn't let go! I loved the way fate brought them back together. Their problems didn't just magically disappear for their happily ever after, they had to work through some pretty serious issues. All in all, a great book!

Rob and Bree had a day together that was so crazy with fun things to do that it was like a dream. All started with a chance meeting that you never even knew could happen. Great book

Loved it! Great book, I highly recommend this series. I have read it three times, and no doubt I will read it three more.

Great book, told a lot of interesting details about celebrities and others. Kinda reminded us that our Grandmas were pretty rebellious and wild!

This was a wonderful book. As a writer EH just keeps getting better and creates characters that are three-dimensional. I found myself identifying with Natalie and cheering them on. As for 'George' we all wish we could find one like him.

Definitely a good book to curl up with on a winter day...cute characters and story was halfway believeable...Enjoy reading it..

Very good book, enjoyed the history and how the past and present all came together in the end! Great story.

Two stories of two different brothers in two different time eras ~ I fell in love with all of them. Great book, interesting characters, lots of history tucked into the stories, and a peek into the lives of consummate hoarders. Truly fascinating. Found myself looking forward to learning more about these men and hated to see the last page ... I miss them. Extremely well done!

This is a fantastic book. It's very informative and is filled with terrific meditations.

This is a great book. It kept my interest, as a nurse some of the story was far-fetched, but still enjoyable.

Get outta here that one star review. This was a great book - will definitely be checking out more of this authors work.

this a good books. it was crazy as hell. the sister really going through alot. i really feel bad for them. i cant wait for pt.2

This has been a fantastic book to work with. My 13yr old has found it easy to understand and the pace challenging, but not overwhelming.

Out of all the stone ridge wolves. This I my favorite book. I read it over and over. I love Jarred he is my favorite person in the whole series.

This is a wonderful book if you want "your cake and eat it too" as far as pizza goes. It allows for the healthiest crusts, the healthiest ingredients, and even healthy substitutes for cheeses and meats. Give it a try! It is worth the effort to learn a whole new way of eating pizza.

So many interesting things to learn about Leonardo and his personality. The author makes him come alive and explains the historical events of the time and how they weave into decisions. Leonardo becomes a man with flaws that surprised me. good book to read if you like history.

Absolutely amazing book and a great ending to the series. But like all great endings, it pulls at you to want more. There are still so many stories that haven't been completed and I am just dying for more to read. BUT it is truly a very great book and a must read.

Really cared about Ryan in this story. He never gives up, plus he's just so thoughtful and sexy. Liked the secondary characters, they made this story a lot more fun. Very tame love scenes. Nice book.

Very good book. It's a cute & funny little love story. They were both looking for someone & they didn't even know it. Can't wait to read the next part, this one leaves everything up in the air. It's a good read.

Yes, that's right, great book. Purchased all 4 in 1 shot. Every one as good as the other. Waiting for next.

One of the best books I've read. I cannot wait to read the next one!With magic, animals, and adventure, it is a very good book.

What a great book! It's encouraging to me as a military spouse, but also teaching me so much -- about history, about the internal strength God gave to military spouses and about myself. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is a military spouse or to anyone who wants to understand the heart of a warrior's bride better.

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