Very good book. It was nice to see a good thing happen to someone that did not have it so good. Great ending

What a wonderful, and incredibly detailed series. My absolute favorite books, thank you for such an enjoyable adventure. I suggest these books to anyone, and am currently trying to convince my husband to read these (he hates reading). He is army, and I think he will enjoy these a lot.

A detailed and comprehensive guide to seven different ways to make money online. The author also shares her story at the start and admits she is not a guru or such but a real person who worked hard to get where she is today. Each of the seven options is explained in detail and this is one of the best books on making money online I have come across.

This is a wonderful book. That is written with a depth, style and sense of humor rarely found in this type of book or for that matter, in few books period.

This is just a great book containing letters from some of this nation's finest people. It's all about WWII heros, not only on the battle field but also on the home front. It's all about a generation that faced the depression and then WWII with bravery, character, and resolve rarely seen.

It is a great book, humorous but at the same time, telling untold stories relating to the discovery of Australia.I would not recommend it for an e-reader because there are so many references which need to be read and it becomes tiresome going backwards and forward.For a hard cover, a definite buy

Good book lot of mystery,but a lil gross in parts not porn nauseating! She has written far better,I think. One

5 star indeed how wish that more drills were introduced. it is a nice book to start with dynamic stretches. I am gonna introduce dynamic stretch on my workouts

This was a good book, and keeps me wanting to find out what is going to happen next. The story moves quickly and kept my attention. If you started the series might as well continue, and for being the third book in it still holds up well. I found it to be enjoyable to read.

Felt like I was watching him day by day. Very good writer and good book. Kept me captivated. Buy it.

good book, except too much filler not enough action. started out good but took to long for anything to happen

This was a good book that was full of holiday cheer. It showed how a town comes together to support it's own, even during a snowstorm. I would recommend it to anyone who likes Christmas and romance.

Great story good characters story line keeps u interested and wanting more the author is a great story teller good book

Great, great books for urban fantasy lovers. Delightfully funny, tense and exciting, sometimes all at once. I've really enjoyed the entire series.

This is a great book for at home practice. Brooke does a wonderful job illustrating difficult imagery when practicing. She has some great points for helping the beginning student and some helpful hints for an intermediate/advanced student. Great book!!

Really good book, great plot and makes you second guess everything. I've read a lot of zombie books and I even liked this better than world war z.

Simple the reading. Deep the mystery. This is a beautiful book on the Eucharist and it reminded me of how much I love the mystery of our faith.

This not only a great book but the movie is just as good. The movie combines books 1 and 2. Your kids will love it and so will you.

This is a beautiful book! Well illustrated with beautiful pictures. I am so happy I bought it! Great companion to the movie.

This would be a merely great book if it were on a better documented subject. On such an off the beaten track topic, it is simply a must have. This is one of the best books on warships I have ever seen. It is well stocked with diagrams and photographs. I cannot recommend it more highly.

Such a beautiful book! Sounded so marvelous, but upon completion of several of the cakes, I must sayit didn't deliver. Perhaps I missed something, but I'd love to hear from other serious bakers who may havehad the same opinion as myself. Still, a beautiful book and I will pass it on for it's good looks!

This was not a very good book. The characters are extremely shallow. The author does not let us get into what they are thinking or how they came to be who they are. The people from the past are not drawn in enough detail to be interesting. The story could be a decent TV show but it just was not interesting enough.

This was a good book could've been better...please invest in and editor it would help the story flow better still a fan

It was a good book. I liked the characters. However, it is a bit amateur. The writing is pretty simple. The plot was very predictable. It's a good book for people that aren't avid romance fans. I don't think it would cut it for a historical romance vet though. The beginning of the story was good but the development and plot could have been better.

This is a great book, good read, and I would recommend it too.The only thing that bugged me was that weeks flew by without much talk of Val's job.

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