This is a cute story of two trouble makers squirrels. They have some fun, then they regret it and have to face the consequences. It is a nice book for young children three to five years old.

This is a good book, but the illustrations need a description at times. If you are familiar w/the signs, or have another book that gives instruction on how to make them, you're okay.Also, it's designed to speak the way older deaf people speak. The kids now are learning to speak more the way hearing people do, or so I was told. Great insight though.

Very good book that is fast paced, incredible characters, and a great ending. This was one of those books you didn't want to end, I literally couldn't put it down

I've been reading sci-fi books since I was 13 years old, this is a good book, the chAracters are well elaborated and the story is interesting, maybe the Mayan part of it needs more explanation, but all in all is a good book

This is a wonderful book for anyone who has or will experience trials in their life (uh...all of us!). Helps show how God loves us, is always mindful of us, and will comfort us in our times of trial.

The story was good, but I didn't expect the story to be so depressing and sad. These types of books stay with me for awhile and I wish I hadn't read it. Good book, just not for me.

This is the best book I have found yet that makes slip covers look good not sloppy. Easy techniques to follow.

Very good book. It has a LOT of information that is easy to understand. I just wish there were more pictures.

Got this for my dad for Christmas and he just loves it! Great book and great information! This was perfect!

Very good book. It presents history honestly even if you do not want to admit this is the true story.

Funny, moving, and unforgettable. Don't miss it! Best book Shteyngart has written so far. I've read all his works. Don't miss it!

One of the best books I've ever read with a beautiful message. I look forward to Melinda's next book. I highly recommend this read.

great book. I would read another by this author. However, probably like many other mystery readers, I knew who the killer was too soon.

Sweet story. There are many types of strength and sometimes it just takes the love of a good man to show you yours. She grabs your heart with her sweet nature and you want everything to work out. Great book, wonderful author!

The one thing that this author does real well is keep the pace of the narrative going without making you feel like you are missing something. The different points of view add a level of character development that you don't often see. It is a great book, and I can't wait for the next one.

everything was fine. I got a favorite book in a timely manner. I will start reading it shortly. so happy

This is a great book filled with adventure and twists. Highly recommend it and the whole series:) I can't wait until the next book.

This is one o the best books I've read. Love that it ended on a positive note. Make you want to do better.

Great book!!!Can't wait to watch the movie!!Another one of my book club picks. Glad it was chosen.Would highly recommend it!

I thought the first 2 were more adventitious and compelling reading but this was still a great book for a conclusion

This is a fantastic book! Anybody with an interest in Delta should definitely read this. Could not recommend more strongly!

This is a good book and has all the excitement wrapped up in a pretty package. When you get to the ending you will want to read the second one which I am patiently waiting for.

Interesting, but repetitive and technical. A good book to browse through to get the gist of an interesting theory. Recommended.

It's a great book for summer reading list the movie is good too. I need seven words more hate this part

it's a pleasant book. The characters are predictable but the story flows and its a good book if you are looking for something to pass time.

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